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XML Tag Cloud

This is a list of top keywords from across all XML files identified from spidering the VA website.

Hospital Performance Health Care Medical Healthcare FOIA Report Home Education Recovery Reinvestment Center Training Feed Veteran National Memorial COIN Access Life Annual Finance Faith Opportunity Local Birmingham VAMC Summary Whole Patient Compensation Women Fiscal Volume Travel Network Office Benefits Regulations Library Insurance Acquisition Academy VAAA Safety Minority STVHCS Franchise Fund MIRECC Rehabilitation Energy EMPS Wait Audit Veterans Clinical Prosthetic Services Employees Occupation NVSBE CAVHCS Pension Duty Members Appointments Fact Profile Receiving VistA Programs Prevention Veterans Technology VADoD Expenditure Reference Facility Model Quality Practice Corporal Overpayments System Geographic Distribution Optometry Expenditures CARS Recipients Survey Website Calls Active Review Completed Reserve Suicide Guide Cemetery Loans Guaranteed CFOI Prevalent Contacts Disabilities Accountability Benefit Connected Procedure Captain