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XLS Tag Cloud

This is a list of top keywords from across all XLS/XLSX files identified from spidering the VA website.

Office Resources Human OHRM Schedules Care Strategic Analytics Improvement Learning SAIL Quality Benefits Claims Hospital Performance National Analysis Statistics Acquisition Logistics FOIA Archive Freedom Requests Expenditures Home General Reporting Procurement OPAL Veteran Population Utilization Loans Services Freight FEAR Complaints Resolution Medical Community Health Training Payment Rate Burial Flags Diem Academy VAAA Geriatrics Extended Privacy Innovation Construction Facilities Counsel Compensation Bills Finance Surveys Subrogation Request VALERI Loan Education Cost Employment Fiscal ArchitectEngineer Healthcare Research Vocational Rehabilitation VR&E Homeless Volume Records Life Insurance American High Related Tech Sites Equipment Summary XIII Accounting EnhancedUse Lease Transition Electronic Teams Report Interface Returning Members OEFOIFOND Servicers